Thoughts on Beauty

Beauty is subjective. 

Like anyone I have had my fair share of trials, successes, and tons of failures. Bad haircuts, allergy, hives, and other reactions to skin, I have experienced them. I have been fortunate in some situations when my skin survived and I moved on from a hard lesson.

But some became permanent, such as my really thick bushy eyebrows that have thinned out or that large chicken pox scar right at the center of my forehead (because I scratched it when I was not supposed to).

So when I talk about beauty, in the areas of skincare, makeup, hair, and health, it stems from my own perspective of natural beauty.

  My belief on beauty is best explained through this story...

When I won the Ford Models Supermodel of the Philippines competition (this was at the country level, wherein the winner would compete in the Ford Models Supermodel of the World event), they had an ‘interview’ portion.


I was asked about plastic surgery, with it being on the rise, and if given the opportunity, which feature would I change on my face.

I answered almost instantaneously, “I would not change anything. What is meant for me is meant for me.”

Nowadays things are certainly different. There are less surgical methods such as fillers, Botox, and other newer injectable technologies.

And yet when I am asked the same type of question, my thoughts on beauty from that vivid memory still rings true to how I feel today.

I have not had any of these methods done nor has it crossed my mind to do them. I am fine with natural wrinkles on my face as I age, the smile lines created from happy moments, and the frown marks from the trying times.

  I prefer my face, with its imperfections and features passed down from my ancestor's lineage, to remain, using  ‘honey’ as a metaphor, 100% pure.

But I do not look down upon those who choose to take on these types of facial procedures. Not at all.

Decisions on beauty is all about individuality and respect. And it is absolutely anyone's prerogative to be silent on their choices.

So with that, my features on beauty will steer clear of any injectable methods. Instead, you will hear about my obsessions with anything you put on the surface - skincare, tons of makeup, and hair products.