The Philippe Charriol Messenger Bag

The vintage ones always carry a soft spot...

I had been seeing the enthusiasm over the Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis in all my social media channels that I thought about getting it as my first Louis Vuitton to add to my handbag collection. But once I saw it, I had to do a double-take!

It reminded me of my beloved and first designer luxury handbag which is the Philippe Charriol messenger bag.

I had purchased this Philippe Charriol over 15 years ago (maybe even longer than that!). It cost around $500 at that time and I bought it in Dubai when I was on a fashion show modeling tour of Philippine fashion designer Renee Salud.

There are two specific reasons for purchasing the Charriol:

(1) This would be the first and last luxury brand designer bag I treated myself with my modeling earnings.

(2) The brand Charriol reminded me of my highschool bestfriend (Cathy Yap-Yang) whom I shared a dream with on becoming a broadcast journalist.

Cathy bought hers when she was starting out as a reporter. I wanted to get one so that whenever I carried it it will remind me to continue pursuing my dream in broadcast journalist and to emulate Cathy's go-getter attitude (just an FYI...Cathy became a famous and multi-awarded newscaster for CNN, BBC, etc.).

Sharing this story with you also made me remember how each handbag purchase I make has a special meaning behind it. It makes me love and appreciate them even more.

About Charriol Charriol is a Geneva-based jewelry and accessories company, primarily known for their celtic-style jewelry and watches. The watch St. Tropez is unmistakably a Charriol signature piece.

Founded by 1983 by Swiss art collector Phillippe Charriol, who had a fondness for celtic artwork. This inspired the use of cable material in its design. The company is now known as the first jewelry to utilize gold and steel cable.

The company continues to be privately held and has over 200 boutiques world-wide. It is a brand predominantly known in Europe and in Asia.

Note: R.I.P. to the founder of Charriol, Mr. Philippe Charriol 1942 - 2019.

Pieces of Charriol:

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