The Gentle Monster Spectacles

The first time I spotted a Gentle Monster Sunglasses was when popular South Korean actress Jun Ji-Hyun donned a pair on the hit K-drama 'My Love from Another Star'. If the brand collaborated to receive attention from the masses, they certainly received it from this wonderful celebrity exposure. Jun Ji-Hyun made the pair of sunnies look so fabulous that I had to search what brand she was wearing.

I found my answer a few weeks later when my friend Isabel was showing me a pair of Gentle Monster that she purchased from her trip to Seoul. When I looked into the company, that was when I discovered their tie-in with actress Jun Ji-Hyun.

Gentle Monster the Brand

Gentle Monster was a South Korean-based sunglasses company, founded by entrepreneur Jae W Oh. He started this company on a direct-to-consumer business model. They initially manufactured their products in Daegu, Korea. But they had since moved manufacturing sourcing into China to keep production costs lower. Their objective is to provide affordable mid-range luxe prices to reach a wider market.

From a design perspective, Gentle Monster had successfully designed spectacles that may be avant-garde in look but fit a small facial frame rather well. They had successful collaborations from musicians and celebrities. And they are known for their over-the-top and highly artistic display of merchandise in their stores.

More information on their collabs can be found here: Gentle Monster Stories and Collaborations

I spotted a Gentle Monster

My friend, Isabel, was an avid fan of Gentle Monster. So when I spotted this beautiful military green sunnies, which she purchased in her most recent trip to Seoul, I had to try them on!

Which Gentle Monster spectacle do you like?