The Ellie Activewear Box

Ellie is a monthly subscription-based company delivering active wear/athletic gear for women.

They have three price offerings:

$39.95 for two active wear items

$44.95 for three active wear items

$49.95 for three active wear items and two athletic accessories

5 reasons why it makes perfect sense to subscribe to the Ellie Activewear Box

1. The price is right.

My subscription is at $44.95 for three items. This comes to about $15 per piece. If you compare purchasing leggings, top, and a sports bra in other leading athletic wear companies you will be hard-pressed to find this kind of price at retail.

2. Free shipping. Easy returns and exchanges. Change your size anytime.

This is the perk of an online saves me a trip to the store, where I am often hassled with my time, worrying about gas and parking. And although free shipping and easy exchange/returns has become quite normal for online stores to offer a good majority tack on a minimum amount of spend to receive this.

And do not worry if you change in size. You can change this at any time as well.

3. Style is chic. Quality is fabulous.

I have several clothing pieces from Ellie and I feel they are at par with the quality and style I receive from my other favorite brands like Adidas and Nike. The only difference is the latter two brands would charge me 3 to 4 times more (unless the item was on sale).

4. You can cancel at any time. You can skip a month. There is no contract with Ellie.

It is pretty much a month-to-month with the subscriber having the options to cancel at any time or to skip the month. Ellie does require that you 'select the option to skip' at least four days prior to their shipment of your box. I use a Google calendar alarm to remind me of this.

5. You can purchase more at their low (below-the-retail) prices.

You are not limited to just your box. If you check out the on their shop they sell separates of the athletic wear.

Unboxing my Ellie Activewear Box

25% off your first Ellie Activewear Box

Ellie definitely makes it easy to try them out. If you are curious about their subscription box and want to see the style and quality of the items they offer, do avail of their first time subscribers discount of 25% off the first box.

And remember, you can cancel at any time. You can skip a month. And exchanges, returns, and box subscription shipping is free.