My Fashion Uniform

Let me begin by saying that Michael Kors said it best when he explained the fashion uniform,

"I don’t care what you do for a living; I don’t care how old you are. What everyone is lacking

in the world is time. So if you can find a uniform that makes you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin and you’re able to get dressed in less time, that’s a game changer."

I had many good fashion moments (i.e. when designers dressed me for an event in my heyday as a fashion model or beauty queen, or when I hosted a television event).

And I have had a lot more fashion faux pas.

In time I learned that what I was most comfortable in was essentially my 'go-to' outfit. My ever reliable, so effortless, and in my opinion, so stylish and chic that 'I do not have to think twice knowing I look good' in type of fashion uniform.

And this comprise simply of a nice pair of jeans, strappy sandals (heels or flats), a T, and a blazer (if it's chilly). Sometimes I will throw in a scarf or a fedora hat. And if I must elevate this look then add in my holy grail Chanel jumbo classic flap.

Voila! This is my fashion uniform.

Want to know what are the workhorse basics and timeless fashion pieces?

Check out my selections below. These are staple items in my wardrobe: