Stories from my Wrist

If these three pieces of jewelry could talk, what story would it tell you?

It would share many interesting anecdotes of its owner.

Let's start with the watch, the Rolex Lady-Datejust 26 mm in Ivory Jubilee Arabic Face (I call it 'computer face') in Steel and Gold utilizing the Rolex Caliber 2235 movement.

This was a joint high school and college graduation gift from my parents. So yes, this is several decades old.

In fact, back then the price of this would equal to a Samsung Note 10 and a set of Earbuds. How crazy is that?

I still vividly remember never taking it off for more than a year. I slept, bathe, and kept it on my wrist 24/7.

This made me realize that if there was a single type of jewelry I would pick as my number one favorite it would be a watch.

And as such this Rolex has now become an heirloom piece that I will someday pass on to my little boo when she feels confident enough to continue the legacy of being the safe keeper of this timepiece.

Next is the story of the yellow-gold wraparound bypass bangle bracelet with diamond studded tips.

This has been with me since 1994 and I purchased this during a tourism fashion tour of Renee Salud in Abu Dhabi.

I will never forget that time. It was my first trip to the Middle East and I got to bond with my model girl pals.

In one of our shopping trips to the day market where gold was prominently sold, I was bargaining earnestly with a merchant for this bangle. I had a set budget for my souvenir shopping and the bracelet price was twice of that.

But my persistence paid off and the dealer let me have it. Today's Fitbit Versa lite would have been more pricey than what I paid for this beauty.

My bestie model Marilen Espino told me that was the day she believed I can definitely haggle.

Last is the my Keep Collective mesh gold bracelet with the butterfly enamel charm and green quartz stone that symbolizes joy, independence, and strength.

This piece reminds me of going out of my comfort zone and giving social selling a try. And with that I learned what the value and good lessons a side hustle brings.

Do you wear jewelry today that have many stories to tell?

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