L’oreal EverPure for Keratin-treated Hair

Keratin treatments have become the preferred alternative to Brazillian blow-outs because unlike the latter, which can have long-term damaging effects, Keratin results in a smoother, stronger, and softer tresses by providing the the needed proteins and nourishment the hair needs.

But the drawback is the price. The treatment is expensive and the salon-recommended products for maintenance can really put a dent to your beautification allowance. By how much? Let’s just say a 10.2 oz bottle of Keratin Complex shampoo costs $25. Double that amount because you’ll be needing the conditioner too!

Unfortunately most drugstore brands contain ‘sulfates’ and ‘sodium chloride’, the culprits in stripping away the Keratin treatment. So there aren’t a lot of products to choose from, unless your hair stylist shares a secret, which mine did. He said, “Look for a product that is sulfate free.” I thought it would be an arduos task. Was I suppose to read the ingredients of every over the counter hair substance out there?

Thank goodness I found a ‘sulfate-free shampoo’ in the L’oreal Paris Everpure Shampoo Sulfate-Free Color Care System. This 8.5 fl oz. tube costs under six bucks and had fantastic user reviews. It was worth the risk to try!

After four months of consistently using this aromatherapy-infused shampoo and conditioner, I can attest that L’oreal Everpure did indeed pass, and with flying colors!