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Jeffree Star and his Cosmetics

Updated: May 24

Confession time.

Two years ago I was on a three month recovery sick leave. And during this time I discovered the fascination with the beauty vloggers on YouTube.

Particularly Jeffree Star.

What is captivating about him? Here's a few reasons to start:

  • His fearless, honest and candid opinion on the products he reviews

  • His animated chatter and humorous, yet self-deprecating persona on camera

  • His talent on putting on makeup

  • And his catchy colloquialisms such as 'What's up Everybody? Welcome back to my Channel!', 'I'm Shook!', 'Sickening!', 'Can't Relate', 'Hi, How are ya?', and many others.

Becoming a fan of his videos, I soon learned about his makeup line and was curious to give them a try.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics has only been around for four years, yet their product quality and creative delivery catapulted them to fame. They are known to be well-formulated, highly-pigmented, and packaged in an almost art-like design. Jeffree owns his own company. He keeps his operations and production all in the U.S.A. for tighter quality control. And with over 40 million followers in YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter platforms, he uses the modern method of social media marketing to sell his products. It has been reported that his company is worth nearly 100 million. I suspect even more.

I had been wanting to try his cosmetics line, but I have to admit I was intimidated by the vibrant colors and enigmatic hues (i.e. note the name of his collection 'Blue Blood', 'Alien', and 'Blood Sugar). But after watching him, and witnessing other makeup YouTubers try and review his products, I had a boost of courage to finally take a step forward from just using my usual neutral and warm-tone muted shades. And after doing so, I never looked back.

I had a #YOLO epiphany with makeup. And I owe it to Jeffree Star and his fierce and fearless makeup line by being the catalyst that helped me find a new colorful and vibrant outlet of self expression.

The Jeffree Star Mystery Boxes

There is no better time to try Jeffree Star's makeup than the release of his 'mystery boxes'. He does this promotional event a few times a year, typically in the summer, Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's week. They carry several of his cosmetics and fashionable accessories and typically you save a minimum of 50% the retail.

The caveat is securing one. They often sell out within the hour. Fortunately for me, the impossible happened and I was able to purchase a large box. This not only means finally owning his collection, but also gave me an opportunity to participate in beauty groups that barter and trade at even greater deals so each of you can get the product you have been eyeing.

I scored on the following:

See my unboxing video below:

Jeffree's Cremated Collection

It has been six hours since Jeffree star released his video and already you see nearly two million views are already registered on YouTube. Want to know why his makeup collection is iconic? Have a watch below and be prepared for the astonishing presentation, from the backdrop and pictorials in preparation for his newest makeup collection - The Cremated Collection

[Warning: some profanity language used by the Vlogger]

What do I think of his video?

I think in the middle of this pandemic count on Jeffree Star's web store to crash again as soon as the Cremated Collection is up for sale. It will be grabbed my all his fans, by the collectors of his makeup line, and many beauty enthusiasts.

The Cremated Collection is a 24-piece palette, priced at $58, and appears quite unique in my eye. It is a combination of neutral gray tones in a very dark and Gothic sort of way. But the shades are not scary. Even someone with my 'conservative taste' in makeup will enjoy this palette as I envision various smokey and elegant looks. In fact, the colors remind me of the same color scheme of a Chanel classic flap.

Hi eye shadow formula is known to be vegan, cruelty-free, has high-pigment, amazing color stay, will not crease or budge, and will look vibrant and true on your lids all day. And everything is made in the U.S.A.

Are you interested in the Cremated Eyeshadow palette or any of the other Cremated accessories, such as hand mirror, makeup case, and stainless steel straws? You have some time to contemplate this purchase and save up. But come May 22 at 10 a.m. P.S.T. your mind better be made up. Because if you want this, then prepare your computer and wifi access and be on the queue when this collection goes on sale. No need to predict a sell out. It is going to happen.

Interested in Jeffree Star?

His cosmetics and accessories lines are sold here: JEFFREE STAR COSMETICS

And his exclusive makeup tools is sold by Morphe:



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