Gucci Marmont Matelassé

My dry spell in owning a Gucci handbag ends.

Not that I never wanted to own a Gucci purse. On the contrary, I have been a fan of this brand from the moment I saw my Mom's handbag collection in her closet.

In fact, she passed her Boston bag size 25 cm to me several years after she retired from the corporate life. But instead of using it, I hung it on my closet wall as a memorabilia. Mom did not baby her bags. Nevertheless, I kept it hoping one day I can find a reputable cobbler who can bring it back to life.

So technically this Gucci bag cannot be considered as 'ownership', simply because I never got to use for its purpose.

But this changed when I decided to select my own trophy to commemorate my 15th year work anniversary. And the Gucci I selected is the Marmont matelassé large in porcelain rose beige.

Why did I chose the large Gucci Marmont matelassé?

Believe it or not I was not eyeing this large size. In fact I had my heart set on either the small or medium. I had initially thought the large size looked enormous in photographs.

But I changed my mind when I saw it in person at the Gucci boutique in Hawaii. It was a beautiful statement piece, and with my 5'11" frame it looked just right. I compared it to the small and medium sizes, but I knew my heart was set on the large.

How do you care for your Gucci Marmont?

Gucci's official advise:

  • Protect from direct light, heat and rain. Should it become wet, dry it immediately with a soft cloth

  • Fill the bag with tissue paper to help maintain its shape and absorb humidity, and store in the provided flannel bag

  • Do not carry heavy products that may affect the shape of the bag

  • Clean with a soft, dry cloth

Stylish+Geek's additional advise:

  • Stuff the bag with soft white shirts to help keep its shape or place wrapping tissue inside the flannel storage bag and place this inside the bag.

  • Keep it exposed to 'air' out the leather, not no direct sunlight. Have it sit upside-down to help keep the top flat which tends to bend when using due to the heavy shoulder chains.

  • Gently clean the soft leather with baby wipes and a dry micro-fiber soft cloth. For heavy cleaning, use Cadillac's Boot and Shoe Leather Lotion (this cleans, protects, and conditions). Use vinyl gloves to protect your hands.

  • Use a slender or narrow bag organizer to help keep its shape. This is what I used: Organizer measuring 11 length x 7.1 height x 3.5 width

  • Always bring a handbag foldable table hooks so your bag does not have to sit on the floor or hanging behind a chair where someone could hit it.

  • Bring a handbag 'raincoat' or bring a foldable nylon grocery bag so you can easily place your bag inside and protect it when it rains.

The Gucci Marmont:

The GG Marmont shoulder bag has a softly structured shape and an oversized flap closure with Double G hardware. It was designed in 2015 for a 2016 release.

Luxury Facts Resource: The GG Marmont is a design inspired by a buckle that was used by Gucci in the Seventies. In this new version of the GG Marmont the GG motif appears as the main ornament. The metallic elements –the GG motif itself – are in antiqued gold, and there is a ‘quilted’ heart detail or GG design on the backs of some of the chevron-quilted bags.

Crafted in matelassé chevron leather with a heart on the back.  Matelassé (French: [matlase]) is a weaving or stitching technique yielding a pattern that appears quilted or padded. Matelassé may be achieved by hand, on a jacquard loom, or a quilting machine.

  • Antique gold-toned hardware

  • Double G

  • Internal zip and smartphone pockets with an open horizontal case for larger phones

  • Sliding chain strap can be worn as a shoulder strap with 12.5" drop or can be worn as a top handle with a 12" drop

  • Large size: 14"W x 10"H x 4"D

  • Microfiber lining with a suede-like finish

  • Made in Italy

Is the Gucci Marmont a classic or a trendy bag?

My vote is on the former.

The Marmont Collection was released in the fashion shows of 2015 and then the stores

in 2016.

And it has certainly been the favorite of fashion mavens and influencers, which gave rise to its surging popularity.

But few may be aware that the large GG symbol is reminiscent of the GG design archives from the 1970s. The lettering may be modernized, but it is unmistakably still a Gucci feature to mold a classic chevron leather flap style with a bold eccentric hardware.

This could be the design house's bold statement of combining its heritage design with modern millenial and Generation-Z tastes.

And if you chance upon the Gucci website, you will see that they actually declare that the Marmont line is called 'Beloved' and it will be "updated with every new collection".

Who is the head of design at Gucci?

Alessandro Michele, Gucci's new creative director took over the helm in 2015. He was only 42 but not new to Gucci. He has been with Gucci since the Tom Ford era in 2002. And he was an associate designer to Frida Giannini, the former Gucci creative director.

But a lengthy conversation over a cup of coffee with Gucci's new CEO Marco Bizzari on Gucci's legacy, love for the arts, and love for Rome and its rich history paved the way to see that the new design and creative direction that the fashion house was looking for was a talent who already was in its four walls.

Upon Alessandro's hiring, he was tasked to replace a complete collection in a week (5 days to design the clothes and 2 days to stage them). He met this with success and this started the resurgence of Gucci as once again a formidable fashion mover.

In this video by the CFDA, Condenast Creative Director and Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour presents Alessandro Michelle the International Award at the 2016 CFDA Fashion Awards in New York. Alessandro had successful caught the attention of all generation, particularly the millenials, in Gucci's new era of stylish, eccentric, yet still very elegant and very much ode to the fashion house's nearly a century of design history.

Gucci Facts:

How to Gift Yourself for a Work Anniversary

You can also gift yourself on your own work anniversary, be it a year, five, ten, or fifteen years like myself. I utilize my 'break-it-down' to the daily savings plan.

Taking, myself as an example. If I calculate a $3,000 spend on a luxury handbag as my 15 year work trophy, then the breakdown would appear like this:

15 years = 180 months $3,000 / 180 months = savings of $16.67 per month as my 'luxury handbag work trophy for my 15th year anniversary'

If you break it down, $16.67 does not appear to be a lot in savings for the month. Try to create a separate savings account, or if it is easier for you, put in a $20 in an envelope every month. Then you will even have excess to spend for an anniversary dinner date!

The Gucci Marmont Collection

Prefer a Pre-loved Gucci Marmont?

Buying pre-loved is a lot more common than it was before.

There are a plethora of used market platforms, from the classic Ebay, to the new Poshmark, Tradesy, Vestiaire Collective, Facebook Groups, and many more.

The two who stand out because of authentication services (which is a an absolute prerequisite) and sale guarantees are Fashionphile and The Real Real.

Do check them out and you might be able to get a steal of a deal from a handbag in excellent condition at a much discounted price!