Goodbye Henri Bendel

When I heard the news in September 2018 that the iconic Henri Bendel was closing after more than a century of operations I felt really sad.

I just rediscovered this brand when it turned its signature brown and white stripes department stores (take note...they were the first American store to carry Coco Chanel's designs) into a namesake handbag and accessories label.

And it reinvented the use of the Andy Warhol illustrations, which was created in the 1960s, it is marketing and social media campaigns.

The bags, jewelry, scarves, and small leather goods were uber New York style chic. They were whimsical in design, and sometimes even playful. But always very stylish.

The prices were mid-range and celebrities such as Katie Holmes, Jessica Alba, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, and many others, sported their wares.

But in January 19, 2019, they close their doors for good.

They were acquired by the Victoria's Secrets company, and essentially Henri Bendel just wasn't profitable enough for the company in comparison to their other portfolio of brands. Wall Street Journal wrote a good news piece on the store's demise: Henri Bendel to Close After 123 Years.

I will miss this retailer, but at the very least I am still very fortunate that I am one of the many thousands to experience what it is like to be a #BendelGirl.

And to commemorate that I will share with you one of the first YouTube videos I filmed as I chanced upon one of the Henri Bendel stores. Here is sharing with you that story:

About the video: An all-girls traipse to Los Angeles has me falling in love with a new handbag brand called Henri Bendel. Note that this company has actually been around since the late 1880s...but as a department store! They have since reinvented themselves a decade ago as an accessories brand showcasing handbags, scarves, sunglasses, and jewelry!

After stumbling upon their store in Beverly Hills, I was smitten by this beautiful blue Warren Street Chain in embossed leather shoulder bag. The simple rectangular shaped design with link chains reminded me of the Chanel 'LE BOY' bag! Ofcourse I want a Le BOY, but it isn't actually one of the three holy grail bags in my list.

So forego the boy and instead eye on Henri Bendel Warren Street. See how I scored this beauty at an unbelievable price!