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Flashback Fashion: Kate Bosworth’s Jewelmint and The Pin Up Necklace

Updated: May 27

Do you remember Jewelmint?

It was a celebrity-collaboration (i.e. Kate Bosworth) monthly jewelry subscription service that started in the year 2011 by the Beachmint company (the same one who started the T-shirt and clothing line 'Stylemint' of Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen and Rachel Bilson's Shoemint').

Jewelmint, along with the other Beachmint e-commerce enterprise, would eventually fold after having a wonderful run in the retail subscription business.

Back when it had just started, I was one of the early subscribers to Jewelmint.  I had read about its launch when Lucky Magazine did a feature story on Kate Bosworth's new fashion venture.

I was a fan of Kate.

She is a stunning actress with the most interesting features, particularly her retina! Yes, she was born with heterochromia iridum, when one eye is blue and the other a light hazel brown. Kate stole the spotlight in her portrayal of a surfer in Blue Crush and she certainly shined in the biopic of Bobby Darin biopic musical 'Beyond the Sea'.

But aside from her acting, her sense of style was also receiving recognition. Kate had a knack of mixing vintage pieces with casual and runway fashion that it came to know surprise that she was often classified as a the millennial generation style icon. 

So it was inevitable that a forward-thinking online retail platform would look into her to partner in a celebrity-styled business. 

Kate joined the elite few of Hollywood actresses who would use their image and influence to create stunning fashion items that fans and fashionistas would want to covet. 

Jewelmint became a feather in Kate's creative cap along with her award-winning stylist friend Cher Coulter as her design partner.

The marketing approach of Jewelmint can be considered as one of the pioneers of influencer marketing. Kate Bosworth utilized popular social media channels via videos on the Jewelmint website, Facebook, and Twitter to continuously create buzz.

And while it lacked a brick and mortar store, Jewelmint made sure their members received personalized attention. I recall the useful stylist videos, tips on mixing jewelry in a fashion ensemble, and an influx of discounts and contests. 

It is unfortunate that Jewelmint did not make it. The jewelry they offered was affordable, chic, had a really cool vintage feel, and was made of good quality. I speculate that had YouTube and Instagram been popular back then, the company would have definitely survived. 

In any case, this piece of fashion history paved the way for celebrity-collaboration utilizing a direct-to-consumer merchandising. 

 My favorite Jewelmint:

Among my Jewelmint loot, my most beloved is the Pin Up Necklace.

This piece comes in a 26 inch Rolo chain in brass gold. A large 5 inch safety pin serves as its pendant and it is held by a S-shaped hook. This necklace can be worn in a variety of ways - as a choker Y, a long necklace, or hook the safety pin to your blouse for a rocker look.

What is equally fascinating is Cher Coulter's revelation of the research and thought that went into designing this jewelry. Women in the 1920s use safety pins to hold up their bathing suits. With this historical concept, Cher creates a piece that can stand on its own or could hold up other jewelry charms. Whatever the case, it certainly becomes an conversation piece!

As for me, I have a few beautiful vintage and heirloom rings from my grandmother, mom, and aunt. With this pin up necklace, I have found a modern way to carry them!

Vintage-Inspired Jewelry similar to Jewelmint:



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