Everlane and its transparent pricing

Five years ago Everlane reached out to bloggers and I was among the lot. I got a cotton U-neck tee in dark blue. They discontinued the color. But the tee is still in their list of merchandise with the same $18 pricing. Imagine that. The tee price did not increase even though it had rave reviews throughout the five years. Wonder why? It’s probably due to the transparent pricing. Everlane shares it costs them $6.26 to produce this shirt, and their mark-up will be $11.74. Hence the $18 price.

Other companies will charge a much higher markup with the same type of shirt costing $30. Some are ridiculously over charging. Goop, for instance, has their ‘Emile Tomboy Tee‘ at $110. Both Goop and Everlane’s tees are 100% cotton. Crazy right??!!

My Everlane dark blue lasted 5 years, with no stitch issues, no color fading, no drastic shrinkage, so quality-wise, this tee is tried and tested.

Everlane has since offered many items, but sticking to the basics, that you can build a capsule wardrobe on.

Here are some of my favorite essentials: T-Shirts:

Bags and Shoes:

Other Everlane Essentials: