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Canon EOS M50 - The Perfect Camera for Content Creators

There were three camera systems in arsenal for the past ten years - the Nikon dSLR 5100, the Canon Powershot G16 point and shoot, and my Samsung Note 10+. With these I had been able to capture nature and travel images on my Pixelboo IG and lifestyle content creation on the Stylish+Geek IG and YouTube channels.

It should be enough. But not really. There were feedback I received, particularly in YouTube, that I should invest in a better camera and audio system. I listened, but did not heed. At least not until I completed a milestone number in my social following goal. Because only then can I justify the expense.

When I hit that goal this year, just a week after my birthday, I thought the prize for a well-deserved new camera doubled as a birthday gift! And fortunately my wallet would not hurt that much because I had unknowingly racked up Amazon gift cards in the past year.

The fun part of shopping is the research. And this meant removing the blinders I had on the past years as I satisfied myself with my old dSLR and point and shoot. Now was the perfect time to appreciate the mirrorless new technology, which I felt was the perfect addition to my novice gadgetry. And I was delighted to know the prices of these have gone down quite a bit since its introduction ten years ago by the Panasonic Lumix DMC G1.

With that I ended up with a mirrorless system that has been receiving rave reviews and accolades despite it being released in 2018 - the Canon EOS M50 mirrorless camera system.

In my unboxing below, I highlight the features why this is the perfect camera for the Content Creator:

The Features of the Canon EOS M50

An in depth look at the Canon EOS M50

The Lenses:

Shop the Canon EOS Camera System:

Suggested Lens and Accessories:



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