Vice Cosmetics and the Good Vibes Lipsticks

There are a TON of lipsticks in the market.

There are my tried and true favorites from Loreal and MAC, new ones sensationalized by social media, such as Jeffree Star and Colourpop, and drugstore brands that became best sellers due to good reviews, such as the WetNWild Catsuit line and Maybelline's Superstay.

But when I look for a lippie that can only be purchased 6,000 miles away, beg my sibling to order and ship it to me, squeal with delight when I receive them, and then moments later wish I had ordered more, then it clearly shows I have an obsession. 

This is how I feel about Vice Cosmetics' line of lip products. 

Inclusivity with #GandaForAll

Vice Cosmetics is founded by the most popular gay actor in the Philippines, Jose Marie Borja Viceral, also known as 'Vice Ganda'. He is a brilliant comedienne who has a humorous, and often self-deprecating wit. His movies break blockbuster sales. And his concerts often sell out.

And in the midst of all of these, he decided to put up a cosmetics company called Vice Cosmetics with a inclusive slogan called #GandaForAll. Translating this means 'Beauty For All'. And his lipstick price point delivers this with the cost of a tube just under $4. Not to mention the brand often have special sales of up to 50% off.

I chanced upon an interview that Vice Ganda gave during a press tour of his cosmetics launch. He shared a story that his mother became the inspiration for the core belief of his company. Growing up with meager belongings, his Mom would often pay for her lipstick in 'installments'. So when Vice (as a young child) would play with the makeup and it would be ruined, his Mom would sadly tell him that it is unfortunate because she had not completed the payments yet. 

Recollecting this moment in his life prompted Vice Ganda to ensure that his makeup would not only produce good quality, but it must be affordable to anyone. And hence, beauty for all. 

I cannot pronounce most of the lipstick names.

One of the interesting anecdotes of Vice Ganda's Good Vibes Lipstick line is that they are named using Filipino Gay Linggo.

Unfortunately I would often make a mispronunciation faux pas. And I suspect there are many of the cosmetic's fans who make a similar mistake. This did not go unnoticed. Vice Ganda cleverly addressed the issue in the video below. He may speak in 'Tagalog', but if you keep watching you will make a sense of all of it, and even garner a few laughs!

Have a watch: