Finding Grace in a Bicycle with Flowers


Inspired by a watercolor iPad artwork

I imagined a melancholy day
when the breeze was slight
and the sun poured in.

I pedaled past the trees, past the lake
and stopped when color
mesmerized my gaze.


When the Sky turned Crimson


A poetic expression of an apocalyptic image of San Francisco

I had gone to sleep
after many restless nights.

Fighting fires in my head
and anxieties of an alarming threat.

But in my dream, I began to see
an apocalyptic calamity.


Did I just write poetry?

When thoughts in my head turn into a poem

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Golden Gate Bridge
Image by Inge Maria

The Lesson the Rain Brings In


A metaphoric reflection of rainfall through a poem

Trickle-down, trickle-down

the water droplets go.

Mesmerize by their slow descent

with different colors

they gleam and they glow.