Cámara Fotográfica: Social Distancing and Shopping

The Walnut Creek outdoor shops are always busy. But not in 2020 or the early part of 2021. Parking is a breeze, it took all but five minutes to find a spot in the indoor parking complex. In the past, we would have to circle this area at least twice before I can get lucky to find an empty slot. This is the first time I have ventured into a setting with this many people, even though the crowd I see is a mere 10% from what is normally expected in this location. And predominantly everyone is wearing a mask. It still feels surreal that I am living in a time of a pandemic. Future generations will look back on this time. And photographs will be viewed. If I am not around to tell the tale, at least the stories coming from my lens will.

Cámara Fotográfica: A Street Food Festival in San Francisco circa 2012

In the middle of summer of the year 2012, I decided to submit my application as a street photographer for the much-awaited La Cocina event called The San Francisco Street Food Festival.

And I was delighted to receive acceptance as one of their photojournalists!
These photos had only been shared with La Cocina. I owed it to procrastination for the very long delay of self-publishing.

Inarguably, however, as I rummaged through my photo archives, these images still brought satisfaction. I could still imagine that beautiful Saturday when the sun was just perfect and I captured the flock of nearly 50,000 attendees expressing pure food enjoyment. It was 85 street food vendors and all one had to do was eat, eat, and eat again.