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What's a good read in fashion and style?
Through the years I have collected a few fashion books that have helped me understand what personal style is all about. Essentially, my own definition is Style is the essence of being graceful and confident, of having a sense of humor with fashion. To develop it is simply by knowing, through trial and error, what you feel most beautiful and comfortable in. You can get inspiration from your peers, from your environment, from the culture you grew up in, from the movies you watch, or the people you see. And of course there is also inspiration found in books, as it narrates the personal experience of individual folks that have become gurus of style. 
The ones below are my suggestions. Some books on fashion. And some are on thoughts on the fashion industry. 

Creating Capsule Wardrobes

is a must read!

The Curated Closet

Each time I turned the page of Anushchka Rees’ The Curated Closet, I got excited. Why? Because she and I have the same philosophy when it comes to our collection of wardrobe. ‘Edit. Edit. Edit.’

How many times has it crossed our minds that we have a closet full of clothes, but we become absolutely clueless to finding the appropriate attire to wear?

Unfortunately this question crosses our minds in the most inopportune time – when we have to go to party, when we have a job interview, when we have to meet someone important, and the list goes on!

But make no mistake. This book does not tell you what the wardrobe essentials are. There is not a list of ‘must have’ items.

Instead, Ms. Rees gives you ideas on how to ponder over your personal style. Just exactly what is it? And can you exude this with confidence with just a few pieces of your wardrobe? 

Some of the helpful hints she gives you is to put up a mood board and express what your personal style would be. Or write out what is it about your personal style that interests you. By this approach, you can introspectively think about what really defines your own fashion expression.

So who would benefit from reading this book? Just about anyone I know. It’s a fabulous read and you’ll do well to get in on it on this new way of creating a capsule wardrobe.


Her series of books are classic reads. 

The principles, advice, and Nina's observations on style can withstand any fashion trends may it be a year or five, or even a decade from now.
After all, to be graceful, confident, and humorous are virtues that garments cannot produce. They come from within, honed by experience. 
These four books are MUST READS.

I advice that your fashion read must begin with these.

Nina Garcia is the

ultimate Style Guru


Nearly 2 decades ago (in the year 2000 to be exact), Kim France founded a magazine, under the flagship of CondeNast publications, that would have its very own category. It was all about shopping and style.

In my opinion, this innovative approach to editorial content would start the idea of democratizing fashion by encouraging personal creations from the masses instead of celebrity-driven styles.

Lucky started putting the face of the Editors on the pages as they prominently selected what trends they were eyeing.

Lucky also encouraged editorial ideas from the masses...random people they would meet in the streets and ask if they can style up several outfits from a rack of apparel.

They featured regular people and caught them as they showcase their daily attires. Thus, giving the idea that there are no fashion rules. You can mix several bold colors or combine more than one pattern. If you feel great and confident, it will work.

Lucky also gave life to indie brands and creative small boutiques as they featured where should one go for a unique shopping experience. They had a page full of stickers on the mag to encourage their reader to mark up the publication and find the newest chic shops. I did that several times. My magazine had dog ears, stickers, and pen marks.


And Lucky founded LuckyFABB, also known as the Fashion and Beauty Bloggers conference. They gave recognition to online fashion
creatives and allowed small business think tanks to come up with different ideas to monetize by way of referral links. RewardStyle, Fohr Card, and many others met with bloggers during LuckyFABB.

It is ironic that Lucky Magazine's demise after 15 years of operations would be because of the growing popularity of fashion blogging, which, in retrospect is very much the same idea that Lucky Magazine was doing in its print. 

I am just 'lucky' that I was able to keep most of my subscriptions and got to be a LuckyFABB Blogger. If you have any of the magazines, I suggest you keep it. It is a piece of history that would eventually define the era of Influencer Marketing.


Lucky is the first fashion magazine to put Bloggers on their cover.

Two Lucky Magazine Classic Books by its Former Editors


Kim France 

founding Editor of Lucky Magazine
Her Blog: Girls of a Certain Age

Andrea Linnett 

Creative Director of Lucky Magazine
Her Blog: I want to be HER




Lifestyle Asia Magazine - December 2018 to January 2019 Edition
Photography by MJ Suayan
Styling by Roko Arceo
Hair and Makeup by Jing Monis Salon
Art Direction by Marc Pagdilao
Written by Chino R. Hernandez: From Car trunks to runways, Randy Ortiz celebrates 30 years in the fashion industry and Meet Randy Ortiz' Millennial Muses

Randy Ortiz's 30th Year in the Philippine Fashion Industry cover for Lifestyle Asia

This magazine makes it to my collectible list for two reasons:


(1) Randy Ortiz is a designer I have admired since the beginning of his career


(2) He had my daughter Ashley as one of his Millennial Muses for this cover.

I am a proud mom. Even though college is my kid's number 1 priority, I feel her happiness to be given this wonderful opportunity.


And she is with the children of my former colleagues in the modeling biz. Who would have thought our kids would all grace the cover together?


All I can say is I am so very grateful.

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