Beauty Library

What's a good read in beauty?
The topic of beauty is extremely vast. Fortunately, beauty gurus that have shared their knowledge and expertise byway of books. If you are just starting to learn about beauty or want to build your own library, these are my suggestions....

Jean Godfrey June's name is synonymous to Beauty Editor

That's because she is renowned.

Notably started her career in Elle Magazine for six years in the mid-1990s,

she later became a founding beauty editor for Lucky Magazine for the entire fifteen years of its run.

I still miss her 'In the Beauty Closet' column because she would begin an unconventional style of reviewing products by sharing anecdotal stories.

Today, she is the beauty editor of GOOP, which is one of the reasons

why I enjoy tapping that popular lifestyle channel and reading up on Ms. Godfrey's articles.

Oh, and by the way, she wrote a book in 2006. It is an insider's account of what it is like to be a Beauty Editor. I finally found my pristine copy in a used bookstore and it happens to be a first printing!

Can you get a copy?

Ofcourse, but it may be difficult. Not to worry though because this book is worth the hunt!


You are forgiven if you do not know the legendary beauty guru Kevin Aucoin. He revolutionized makeup techniques, recognized individual beauty, and prior to his passing, was able to author three amazing books that stood the test of time.
If you have these three in your library, consider them as collectibles. I guarantee you will pass them on to your children.

Michelle Phan is

the Queen of

Beauty Vlogs

If you are into makeup I would be very surprised if you have not hear of Michelle Phan
....the Queen of Beauty Vlogs, the notable pioneer of YouTube makeup personalities garnering 1.1 Billion views, co-founder of the leading beauty subscription 'IPSY', and has many more titles, including beauty author.

Michelle has since 'retired' in 2016  from vlogging makeup tutorials, although her videos are still worth watching. But the lessons she imparts in her book are timeless advice and still worth the read.
The book is fun, conversational, and semi-autobiographical.  Now do not think you will expect this girl to be hedonistic in telling her story. On the contrary she comes off very self-deprecating, humble, gracious, and very thankful for the blessings that have come her way.